Amarre de Amor

Binding Love Spell

This is our most excellent spell. Many couples have benefited from the value it provides. This spell will keep your lover close to you, in love and faithful to you.

$95 Ahora $74

Hechizo Para El Amor

Spell To Find Love

If you have not found a special person to share your life with this is your chance. You can find someone who compliments you and fulfills your life.

$95 Ahora $74

Hechizo Para Regresar

Bring Back An Ex Spell

Want to get your girlfriend or boyfriend back? If your partner is no longer with you this spell will return them to you. You can get them back if you truly want.

$95 Ahora $74


Send Away Spell

This spell will quickly send away any person you choose. You can get rid of exes or people troubling your relationship. Cut them off and send them out of your lives.

$95 Ahora $74

hechizo de venganza

Destroy A Relationship

If you yearn to be with someone, but they have a partner this spell is the solution. It is Voodoo black magic that quickly ends relationships. The spell will not bring physical harm.

$95 Ahora $74

hechizo para dinero

Spell to Attract Money

This is a spell to bring you money. It can land money directly (such as winning money) and build your life so that money flows in easily. This is a money spell cast using Voodoo.

$95 Ahora $74

ritual para conquistar

"Don Divino" Spell

We are all given gifts in life. If you have a special desire to be influential, a leader and successful this spell can make it so. All goals are within your reach.

$95 Ahora $74

ritual para alejar

Status and Success Spell

A spell to bring success and let your worth shine through even in the face of difficult situations. This spell can bring promotions, get you noticed and bring you fame.

$95 Ahora $74

magia para trabajo

Spell For Prosperity

Fix your life and gain prosperity. If you owe debts, have them cleared. Lift your business and career up. Leave your competition behind. This Voodoo spell brings all of this.

$95 Ahora $74


Eliminate the Evil Eye

In situations where you need immediate help an emergency spell may be necessary. This is especially the case when dealing with the Evil Eye, a deadly form of energy projection curse that destroys lives as quickly as it can be thrust onto a person. This rite breaks the Evil Eye.

$95 Ahora $74

romper un hechizo

Protection From Curses

After removing the Evil Eye or any type of curse you may decide to take extra precautions. The best way to do this is to shield yourself and your loved ones spiritually. This is a spell that will both shield as well as spiritually hide your family for complete protection from magical attack.

$95 Ahora $74

hechizo para alejar

Spell For Change

Is routine an art form for you? Do know that your life would be better if it were just a bit different? This spell can bring any change into your life you wish. Have the life that you want and make the change. Turn your life into the dream that you have always wanted it to be.

$95 Ahora $74

conjuro para romper

Protect Your Loved Ones

Protect those who you love more than anything in the world. Do everything that you can to save them from harm and danger. This spell will call upon the blessings of the protecting mother Ezili Danto to look over your family, friends, loved ones and children. No spiritual attack can pass.

$95 Ahora $74

ritual de venganza

Place the Evil Eye

By use of the Evil Eye you can do next to anything to any person. The Evil Eye can be used to control, to influence and to place powerful curses. This is a spell to be used on people whom you want power over. You can control a boss, a lover or get payback for wrongs your enemies have done to you.

$95 Ahora $74

hechizos protectores

Revenge Spell

If you have been treated wrongly you can send back a spiritual force of revenge up to ten times what they have done to you. The energy that remains from injustices committed against you can be used for your benefit and to bring justice to those who have acted unfairly with you.

$95 Ahora $74