Love spells and spells associated with romance are often the first things that come to mind when the occult comes up. Many people are seeking a partner, either for a long term relationship or for short term dating. We all want to strengthen existing relationships and for those in difficult situations who love their partners there is a deep desire to find reconciliation. The good news is that love spells cover all of this.

There is a Hollywood idea that, to cast a love spell, you must make a person drink a potion or ingest some unseemly magical element. This is of course not the case. Love spells work on the natural laws of attraction in the world. By calling upon spiritual forces of love we attract love to us. It is a law of physics that like attracts like. This is the very principle that gravity works by. And it is this scientific basis on which love spells actually work.

Love Spells Ensure Mean That Attracts Like

Given that like attracts like, a love spell has a much higher chance of working well if it is aligned with what you truly desire. If you cast a love spell for a person that you are not interested in the spell will be less effective than if you truly desired that man or woman. If you are 100% sure that you want what your spell promises then you have a very good chance of success with your spell.

The principle that like attracts like also demonstrates that it is not manipulative, tricky or a violation of free will to cast a love spell. The best love spells work by drawing a person in through the principle of the similarities in themselves and in you. They bring two people into harmony who are attracted naturally to one another. Many love spells can be manipulative and successful, but the best ones are those that use the most tactical spiritual strategy with the least manipulation.

The most successful love spells are those using spiritual, rather than just energetic, forces. More specifically these are spells that use the power of Oya, of Chango, Erzulie and other Voodoo and Santeria spirits. The spirits are gods of all aspects surrounding love and they can create situations sufficiently complex to solve even the worst love related problems. If selecting a love spell for an extreme or an emergency case the fastest results will come if you use some type of Voodoo or Santeria. Many devotees of Wicca refuse to cast love spells and those who do often are less apt for the task.

Love spells are not only for situations where things have gone wrong in a relationship. Love spells have a place for regular use in a relationship. In both Voodoo and Santeria, love spells are cast ritually in ceremonies every year between married couples. This keeps the relationship exciting, the sex life good and both partners devoted to one another. This is also why divorce rates are extremely low in communities that practice Voodoo and Santeria in Cuba. The spiritual power keeps couples together and in harmony.

The way to make sure that your love spell comes true is to be completely genuine in your heart. If you know deep down that what you are wishing for and trying to get from a love spell is what you want, what you need and what you deserve then the spell will work for you. The spell will work if you are completely committed to the powers of Voodoo and Santeria. It will make your dream a reality.

Juan Batista